Friday, January 2, 2009


You're only 14 months apart & have shared a room for as long as you can remember. In our old house, it was because of space; in our "big boy house" it's because you wanted to.

You share a bed when you can & play together all day...which is great for me! Recently, you found a Pottery Barn Kids catalog & discovered a bunk bed. Brandon said I should get it for you so he could sleep on the top & Olivia could sleep on the bottom "because she's still little." When I asked about her sharing a room with Abbie, the reply was, "But then I'll be by myself" (with near tears in your eyes).
Then the other night Mama cautioned Olivia against putting marbles in her mouth because she might die. To which Brandon replied, then I'll have to put them in my mouth & choke so I can die too because I'll miss you (okay, please, neither of you die!).
Don't worry. I won't separate you.

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