Saturday, April 30, 2011

week in the life, one year later

One year ago today I was in the middle of my “Week in the Life” project. If you read my blog back then you saw a lot of it as I was doing it, but I never shared my finished project.

Why not?

Well…life got in the way, LOL! And I wanted to include some of Ali Edwards’ long journalers in half-sized sheet protectors, but at the time I didn’t have a sewing machine to make the page protectors work.

Fast forward one year, I now have a sewing machine (yay!) and I just finished making my page protectors last week!

So, in honor of finally finishing my project just shy of one year later,..

Week in the life, 2010


Ali Edwards has recently announced that she will be doing Week in the Life this summer, July 25 – 31. I’m planning on doing it again, though this time I’ll be more prepared in advance so I can actually finish it in that week!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

march (project 12)


Since getting over the flu, I’ve been so full of energy. Mostly I’ve been cleaning & de-cluttering, but the other day I finally got around to scrapping again.

Using this sketch from Project 12, I came up with this layout:



I finally broke into my April Kit Club stash that’s been very neglected until now, and it’s got such fun stuff in it…lots of Jillibean Soup and these adorable pre-cut clouds.



I punched the butterflies out of the butterfly print paper from Jillibean…crazy, I know. But I’m pretty rotten at cutting them out by hand, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to snip the antennae. I still didn’t have any antennae, but all I had to do was squeeze a punch to get this butterflies. I stitched them on with one big stitch in brown to complement the body.



I added three butterflies total, because I always add embellishments in threes (well, usually). I’m not going to pretend to be a design guru, but I like how everything is (mostly) balanced to my eyes when I use three.


Monday, April 25, 2011

project life 4/17–4/23

It’s so nice to feel like I’m on top of things again! Granted, I haven’t filled in my missing PL Tuesday posts, but hey…I’ll get there :)


We went to the Sacramento Zoo today with Grandma Nancy & Grandma Mary today. We all had a great time…and the highlight (once again) was the monkeys going poop.

PL 04 17


Brandon & another Lego creation. He’s now making internal spaces in the Duplo so his regular sized Lego people can fit in them. He is so creative with his Lego!

PL 04 18


Today my mom & I treated the kids to see “Hop”, a very cute Easter Bunny movie. And the highlight? The bunny poops jelly beans. I think I’m sensing a theme here…

PL 04 19


My Easter subway art from eighteen25. I’ve been having so much fun in the past few weeks sprucing up my family room with simple (free!) printables.

PL 04 20


Happy Birthday to my beautiful amazing five year old.

PL 04 21


I can’t help but smile when I see this picture of my two girls with my friends’ daughters playing & laughing & playing dress-up. Bliss.

PL 04 22


Abbie was so excited to dye the Easter eggs that she plunked one right in before the cups were anywhere near her!

PL 04 23

Monday, April 18, 2011

project life 4/10–4/16

My mom & I took Olivia to Kohl’s to pick out (& try on) clothes for her birthday. This is a (very) small sampling of what she tried on…I think she grabbed one of everything to model for us!

Abbie & I went to PetSmart to look at the animals today. She was especially enamored by the fish & even picked out a Dora fishtank to get “for her birthday”.

Today begins our countdown to Easter! I found this cute project on the eighteen25 blog. They have some amazing projects & printables!

Silly Bands!
All three kids collect these crazy bracelets (that Brandon insists are “animal bracelets, NOT silly bands!”) and I’m constantly finding them all over the place. Usually they only wear a few at a time, but Brandon decided to wear as many as he could fit to school today. So many that when I picked him up his hand was swollen & he was complaining that it hurt…ummm, did ya try taking any of those rubber bracelets off dude? I think you’re cutting off the circulation!

Jack & Brandon playing wall ball out in front…the whole house rattles when they slam that ball into the garage door!

Olivia’s preschool class had their annual Easter egg hunt (& party) today. And even Abbie got to search for some eggs :)

Grandma Nancy & (great) Grandma Mary came up from Indio to visit for the weekend. All three kids love spending time with their grandmas, but Olivia in particular adores Grandma Mary. They spent a good part of Saturday looking at scrapbooks & doing art together.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

project life, 4/1–4/9

After over a month of not posting, I’m back!
Since I have a LOT of catching up to do, I’m going to start off with the current week, and then go back & catch up.

While driving out to a client’s house in Lincoln, I saw a HUGE flock of sheep next to the road. Of course I didn’t stop then to take a picture…I waited until later, when the sheep were WAY out at the other side of the field :)

What is the most important thing about Brandon’s baseball games?
The snacks!

Shoe shopping with Olivia…we had to try on two sizes in EVERY pair of Crocs that Nordstrom had. And then line them all up so we could figure out which pairs she wanted (1st, 2nd, etc.).

Abbie (& Olivia) had a blast playing hide & seek in the racks at Macy’s while my mom & I were shopping.

The kids found a ladybug at the park after Brandon’s baseball game.

Toby is ADDICTED to vegetables (to put it mildly). When he was younger (but old enough to know better) he ran into our sliding glass door because he heard me using the vegetable peeler. These days, he’s perfectly content to wait patiently in the kitchen for me to fill a bowl with the ends of asparagus I’ve snapped off for him.

Brandon & Olivia lined up all the patio chairs and created their own movie theatre in the backyard. The feature? Watching the clouds change shapes in the sky. Priceless.

The Dora backpack, filled with toys and ready to go to Grandma’s.

Brandon, the catcher. If he had his way, it’d be the only position he ever played. Granted, his entire team feels the same way :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

heritage challenge, week 7


I chose to focus on my dad’s side of the family this week. He grew up with his brother & sister just outside of Bakersfield in a small town called Oildale. His brother passed away before I was born, but we still see Aunt Joan a few times a year.

I had fun mixing the ki memories sticker strips in with some papers from the March Green Tangerines Kit Club.

And I had to include one of the flowers from Basic Grey that came in the kit. The only thing I don’t love about the flowers is that they are sold out everywhere, and I want more! :)