Sunday, July 31, 2011

we have a winner



One copy of this


Will go to:


Congratulations Tootie!


Please contact me with your contact information at christinechain19 (at) gmail (dot) com.


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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

week in the life | wednesday


It’s been a long day. Some of you may know that I’m a speech pathologist, and I provide early intervention services (in home). So I do a LOT of driving for my job. Today was not unlike any other, except of my 6 clients stretched out over 10 hours, I had 3 cancellations! Ugh! That means lots of dead time in the middle of the day of course, because cancellations almost never happen at the end of the day. Rant over, moving on.

Not as many photos today, and that’s okay.


And obviously I didn’t feel like going thru and really processing them yet either. That’s okay.

On a separate but related note, I found out a guy I dated a few times in high school died…like a year and a half ago. I had a weird dream about him the other night (even though I seriously hadn’t even thought of him in years), decided to look him up on Facebook & didn’t find much except some photos that made me think something was wrong. So I googled him & found his obituary. He was one week younger than me.

Life is short. Enjoy it. Document it.

week in the life | tuesday


Today I took 204 photos. 137 were taken by the kids at my parents’ while I was at work (some of which are videos).

6:00 wake up, shower, get dressed, have coffee & bagel BY MYSELF.  Good start to the day.

07 25 11_0138

7:00 Brandon gets up. Girls follow. Get them fed, clothes picked out (to change at Grandma’s), car loaded with their gear and mine (for work). Out the door by 8:05.

8:15 Drop kids off, out of their driveway by 8:25.

8:35 Ugh! Google maps gave me walking directions! Now I’m running behind..quickly hop onto 80 at Eureka & head to my first client.

07 26 11_0015_BW

8:49 1st client of the day. MK. Fun hour of games & school-aged language skills.  Spend most of my day behind the wheel, driving from West Roseville, to Antelope, to Sacramento, to Lincoln.

07 26 11_0045_BW

Meanwhile at Grandma & Papa’s…

07 26 11_0014

lots of having fun…

07 26 11_0018

being silly…

07 26 11_0032_boost

shopping at Target & the Farmers’ Market at Whole Foods…

07 26 11_0036

Lego Hero building…

07 26 11_0049

computer designing…

07 26 11_0050

and even more silliness…

07 26 11_0038_boost_soft

3:34 Just finished my 5th & final client of the day in Lincoln.

07 26 11_0039

…but first a stop at Starbucks. Order a venti iced quad nonfat white mocha

07 26 11_0040

…then send a few texts to David to figure out dinner plans (not while driving, I was still sitting in the Starbucks parking lot!)

07 26 11_0046

3:54 Make a quick run into Green Tangerine’s to pick up some cardstock.

07 26 11_0048

4:22 Finally at my parents’ to pick the kids up. Hang out for a bit & see what they’ve done for the day. Head home.

5:09 Finally home, eight hours later. Long day for only five clients (so only 5 hours pay). Sigh. Time to get dinner made & let the kids jump some energy out on the trampoline.

07 26 11_0053

6:20 Sit down for dinner: fresh corn & polish sausages. Nothing fancy tonight.

07 26 11_0055

6:40 Dinner’s done. Kids clean up, get in the car & head to Nuyo for a frozen yogurt treat.

07 26 11_0059

7:15 Finish up, head home. Kids get ready for bed. Goodnight kisses & hugs. Start some laundry. Relax, watch some TV (White Collar & Weeds).

10:30 Catch up on email, put away some laundry. Contemplate bed.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

week in the life | monday photos


This week I’m going to share my photos every day from my Week in the Life. I’ll share what I’ve written sometime next week when I start putting it together. So far, so good, and so thankful for the pdf files that Ali so generously shared.