Wednesday, April 25, 2012

week in the life 2012 | wednesday


Three days in & I’m still going!


My goals for this year?

1) Be in at least one picture per day.

2) Work on it every night.

3) Be complete by the end of this week.

Looking good so far!

Today I’m just going to share my photos, not in the page protectors. I hate the big glare I have to get by using a flash (or the stupid shadows I get when I go without). I plan on sharing the entire spread/album/whatever-you-call-it when it’s all complete. And since I’m printing at home, that should be next Monday! I don’t think I’ve ever been so on top of things (it must be because I should be writing reports right now, and this is a great way to procrastinate!).

So here are my photos from today:


Wow! I didn’t plan for my photos to line up like they were in a protector! How cool is that?! I will probably be adding a few sticker labels/words. And I plan on printing my date tab on some more patterned paper. But otherwise, there is my daily layout :)

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  1. I see that you haven't posted in quite awhile so don't know when you'll get this, but I just had to comment. I see you're an SLP just like me! I had to laugh when I saw your photo of the new PLS-5 & read your comment that you should be writing reports! I can definitely identify with you!