Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Not quite ready

Whew! The presents are all wrapped. Are we really ready for Christmas?

I was sick all weekend, so I didn't get in to work. So I had to work today (planned) and tomorrow (not planned). We were going to have everyone over tomorrow for Christmas Eve, our new tradition of sorts. Raviolis & meatballs & a nice low key evening so we can get the kids to be early.

And then I talked to my mom.

Bailey is our dog. Well, my parents' dog, but we got him when I was still living at home. Twelve years ago. And he slept in my bed that first night because I couldn't stand hearing him cry in the box next to my bed. I potty trained him. He was my puppy. Twelve years ago.

So I talked to my mom on my way home from work today. And Bailey's been heading downhill for awhile now. This isn't news. His liver is failing & has been. And he's not eating, but he wants to. And he can barely stand, but he wants to. And it's time to let him go.

They have an appointment for Friday at 3:30 so my sister & I can go (hopefully). Unless he can't make it that long & they have to go in tomorrow. We got Bailey right before Christmas in 1996. I'm hoping this is his last Christmas, that we can just have one more with him. Selfish? Yes.

So we've changed our Christmas Eve plans & we're bringing it to my parents' house (like 5 miles away, so really not a big deal). But now everything has to be done in advance since we're going to church at 4. I just didn't want to stress all evening tomorrow about Bailey being home alone on his last Christmas Eve, and I knew if everyone were here, my mom, dad, & sister would be leaving as soon as dinner was over to go & be with him.

I gotta hand it to Olivia, my 2 1/2 year old. She said she'd be happy when Bailey goes to heaven because he gets to be with Jesus. Out of the mouth of babes.

God Bless you, Bailey.

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