Sunday, December 28, 2008


Is it bad that I want (need!) another stroller?

To date, I've owned four: Graco Quattro (hated it), Maclaren Techno (loved it), Peg Perego Aria Twin (tolerated it), and the Baby Trend Snap 'n Go (it's nice). And one would think that'd be enough.

But Abbie is about to outgrow the infant seat (snif). Which she should fit in for quite a bit longer, according to her height & weight (not 30" nor 30lbs). But the straps are getting rather difficult to get on her. So...if she's graduating to the convertible carseat soon, then no more Snap 'n Go. But I'm not sure I want her in the umbrella/Maclaren yet. I like that she can lay down & sleep when I'm out & about. Unfortunately, what I want is a Peg Perego Pliko P3 (or something like that). Something I can lay her down in with a blanket.

Now of course David doesn't get this. Why won't the Mac work? Well, when the other two were this age, it was summer. So I didn't need to bundle them up in the stroller. However, what I want is rather pricey, over $300 for a new one, around $200 for last year's color.

Hopefully Abbie will last at least another month in the infant seat. By then I can pick up a new stroller for her :) My justification: the Mac is 3 1/2 years old, and I don't expect it to last until Abbie is out of strollers. So I'll need a new one at some point anyhow. And Olivia gets tired when we're out shopping. The Pliko has a standing pad for tired feet.

So maybe we'll make it to five strollers after all.

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