Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lego Master Builder

A few months back, the Lego Store at Arden Fair Mall hosted a Lego "Master Builder" event. Kids could come & build large blocks that would then be used to build a HUGE Yoda from Star Wars. Brandon is our Lego king, but he wasn't too into it. Olivia, on the other hand, build a ton of blocks.

I finally got around to scrapping it the other night, at my last Green Tangerines Scrappy Hour :( . Our last local scrapbook store is going out of business (they lost their lease). A few of us would gather & crop monthly, so it's sad to see it go. They will continue their kit club, so that eases the pain a bit.

Anyhow...I digress...I based this layout on a sketch I made of one in the Creating Keepsakes 4x6 Photos book.  I used more goodies from my September kit club.

And then, instead of scanning it, stitching it in PSE, and getting that horrid stitching line, I photographed it. I must've had the flash on for this one because there's a glare on the bottom. and the vertical sides are all wonky, like I didn't have the camera straight. So I definitely need to perfect this technique! Any hints?

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  1. I try to take mine in natural light (sometimes on my porch since it's blocked from direct light)...that way I don't get the flash glare and the color is a bit 'truer'. Also, stand as directly over the layout as possible...this may require you to hop on a chair or stool. Lastly, I use Image>Rotate>Custom to adjust the straightness factor...I can never get it perfectly straight. It's not usually off by more that .5 or 1 degree...and for some reason, mine is always off to the right, so I click .5 to the left and it rotates the whole picture. Then I crop it to my desired size. Does that make it more confusing? :)