Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Project LIFE, 4/11-4/17

Our grocery store at the corner of Douglas & Sierra College in Roseville.

Shopping at Safeway with Olivia.
(And I just noticed that my two "make-up" pictures are of Safeway!)

Our new favorite snack: Organic Z-Bars.

Rain, rain, go away...I know we need it, but come on! It's mid-April & I'm ready for some sunny spring weather before the heat of summer is upon us.

An indoor picnic lunch at Mama & Papa's house.

My cell phone, an LG Chocolate from Verizon. I'm hoping to get an i-phone soon; I've had this one for just over two years.

Olivia at Tricks for her ballet/tap class. She just started in February & LOVES it! Her teacher is Miss Alyssa.

Brandon & Olivia on the computer, making Blue's Clues pictures to print and put up on their bedroom walls. They made other ones the other day at my parents', but decided they needed to make more.

Our slide. We got it three years ago for Brandon's 2nd & Olivia's 1st birthday. Mostly it's a way up to the trampoline, but it also makes a great fort! Best buy ever :)

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