Tuesday, March 8, 2011

project life 2/20–3/5

Sunday morning bagels.

Since the kids had the day off of school, we went to visit the puppies at one of my client’s homes.

Sisterly love in the Costco shopping cart.

First day of T-ball practice.

Pajama day at dance & girls’ lunch at Chick Fil A :)

Brandon was received the Character Counts award for kindness at school today! I’m so proud of him!

Trying on sunglasses at Sports Authority while waiting for us to buy Brandon’s baseball gear.

Today was Brandon’s Star Wars birthday party! We had a great time…and even got to destroy the death star (piñata).

Happy 6th Birthday little man! You’ve grown up so quickly :)

Between gifts from his friends & a Target gift card from his grandma, Brandon had quite a stash of Star Wars toys, Lego, & Nerf guns!

My stash of reusable shopping bags…if only I remembered to bring them to my car (& into the store) from the kitchen more often!

Abbie insisted on sitting in the cart at Whole Foods today…so I just piled up the groceries on top of her :)

Olivia used some of her allowance to pick up this fun bead set at Target today. She loves making bracelets & necklaces for herself & everyone else.

Shopping trip to Ikea to pick up some furniture.

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