Tuesday, March 1, 2011

project life 2/6–2/19

Superbowl party at our house!
Packers 31, Steelers 25

The girls brought me all their stuffed animals.

Olivia smashed her thumb in our sliding glass door yesterday. This is what it looked like before it got really bad.

First daffodil in the front yard…I love these flowers!

The McDonald’s at Sierra College & Douglas, in the Safeway parking lot. If Brandon had his way, we’d eat there everyday.

Decorating tile coasters at the ESF Art Auction at Bayside.

The simple pleasures: riding piggyback on Daddy.

Brandon got to be VIP this week at school. He got to fill out this poster to share in class, as well as bring some fun things throughout the week.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Trying to get the laundry put away before heading out to work.

Too much green “Fun Dip” from his Valentine’s candy stash!

Just another day at work, naming the food in a “Very Hungry Caterpillar” with one of my favorite little two year olds.

Brandon reading the names of the states to me on his placemat at breakfast this morning. I am amazed everyday by how much he’s learned so far in kindergarten!

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