Friday, July 9, 2010

flashback friday...i loved her first

Okay, so I haven't been that great lately about posting my project life photos (haven't edited them yet!) or any new layouts (haven't done too many). But at least I can be on top of my flashback layouts, right? I mean, they've been done for years!

Since David & I were just at a wedding..."I loved her first".

From what I recall, that song came out right around the time Olivia was born, in 2006. I snapped these pics of David & her that summer and immediately thought of that song. The lyrics are the "journaling" on the left hand page. we were at a wedding in Riverside two weeks ago (that's why we made the trip to Disneyland), and I said to David, you know, no matter what Olivia says, you HAVE to dance to her with that song! I have a scrapbook page devoted to it already :)

Enjoy your weekend! And I've got some stuff I've been working on that I should get posted next week :)

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