Monday, July 12, 2010

Project LIFE, 6/20-7/3 (plus a few make-ups)

Tuesday, May 11
Our sippy cup collection.

Friday, June 11
While at Costco, we decided to grab a pizza for lunch & head over to the Rocklin Water Park for an impromptu picnic. Olivia didn't care that she was fully dressed & ran thru the water anyways!

Sunday, June 20

Happy Father's Day!

We picked out a hamburger patty maker at Sur la Table for him, and also a silicone baster brush. To celebrate we bbq'd steaks at my parents' house.

Monday, June 21
Our first day of Breakaway. Brandon got to go up on the stage during rally time. Very cute!

Tuesday, June 22
Day two of Breakaway, our church's week long summer camp. I'm working in ECE Arts & Crafts for the 4th year, so I was in the art room that Olivia comes to with her small group.

Wednesday, June 23
Breakaway, day three. Brandon & the purple seals at Rec. To his left: TT, JO, and NF. We've known T & J (and their moms) since they were about a year old! We were in a playgroup together at church. Now we're in MOPS together, along with N's mom. The kids all had a great week together!

Thursday, June 24
Day four of Breakaway (and finally a picture with Abbie in it too!). Taken on our way in that morning.

Friday, June 25
Olivia's first dance recital. "Heavenly Hop" from Anything Goes.

Saturday, June 26
Grandma Nancy & Grandma Mary came to our hotel to have some time with the kids while we were at Amy & Matt's wedding in Riverside. Olivia *LOVES* her great-grandma!

Sunday, June 27
We drove from Anaheim down to Carlsbad so the kids could go to Legoland. The kids had a good time, though David & I were slightly unimpressed.

Monday, June 28
Disneyland! Brandon, Olivia, & I spent almost all day there. David took Abbie back to our hotel for a nap in the afternoon, so the three of us got to go on a couple of rides & watch the parade together.

Tuesday 6/29
Coming home up I-5, somewhere outside of Gustine, CA.

(We also went to Disney this morning, and I thought of using one of those photos. But I thought that this photo would describe our LONG drive home better. And, well, 50 years from now Disneyland will still look like Disneyland. But will I-5 be just farm country? Or a bunch of master planned neighborhoods like everywhere else in California?)

Wednesday, June 30
The girls decided to put on "a show" for David while I was at work.

Thursday, July 1
The Folsom Cattle Drive

This is the third time we've gone to the annual Cattle Drive preceding the Folsom Rodeo, but the first time we witnessed a bunch of "crazy cows" running onto the lawn at the park (and down the street into the neighborhood surrounding the parade route).

Friday, July 2
Our first tomatoes from the garden, Sun Gold. I love fresh tomatoes from the garden, and last year our we didn't get any! I'm so happy to see our veggies doing well (so far!) this year.

Saturday, July 3
The Webster's last summer why a picture of Abbie eating Jell-O? Because she had been sick all day long, so David took Brandon & Olivia out to Shingle Springs while Sicky & I stayed home.

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  1. Aww looks like you have had a very full couple of weeks! I love the picture with Grandma. Priceless :)