Wednesday, July 21, 2010

preschool pages

I've shared before how excited I was to find this awesome digital kit from Cathy Zielske. She has samples here & here.LOVE it! I used it to do Brandon's first year of preschool a few months back, and I just completed his second year of preschool, and Olivia's first.

Here is Brandon's second year of pre-k:

For this school year I did three pages (plus the pocket page for work I want to save); there are four collage pages with the kit, and if you have a decent working knowledge of PSE you can easily alter the shapes & sizes of the photos.

You can also easily change the color of the numbers on each photo. They come in white, but as you can see in photo #1 below, it wouldn't show. So I "replaced" the color in PSE & changed it to black. Perfect.

I'm so pleased with how these pages have turned out so far. So easy! I love to scrap, but sometimes I want something simple, you know? I've done layouts featuring many of these photos already.

(I didn't notice this when I put the pages together, but did just now: Olivia is wearing the same darn dress in almost all of her pictures! I swear, they were all taken on different days...we got that dress at Target last year for like $10 & she wears it every chance she gets!)

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