Friday, June 3, 2011

project life 3/6 - 3/31

Those of you who regularly follow my blog know that I haven’t been too great at posting my Project Life photos this year, and that I was REALLY sick in March. So I’m playing catch-up today and sharing my photos from March.

Although I’m pretty good at taking a photo a day, I’m human & slack! That’s the beauty of this project; I can fill in the blank spots with photos taken on other days.

So you’ve been warned…this is a photo heavy post! :) Enjoy!

Shopping at Old Navy…Brandon asked if he could take some pictures & he got this one of me & Abbie.
PL 03 06

Olivia made this for me. It’s a picture of me (left) and her (right). The decorations on either side of us are girls. I love it!
PL 03 07

Playing games on the computer on a Tuesday afternoon.
PL 03 08

Going over the Scholastic Book Order forms after school. All three kids love going thru them & circling the books they want to get.
PL 03 09

We love the new car shopping carts at Whole Foods!
PL 03 10

Yummy pizza at Mary’s Pizza Shack! Gram came to visit for the weekend, so we all went out to dinner on Friday night.
PL 03 11

Brandon & Olivia spent the afternoon putting together a new puzzle with Gram.
PL 03 12

Putting together new Lego Hero Factory all by himself! Brandon picked this one out with his money from his birthday.
PL 03 13

The girls set up a book store in the entryway today, and even made money for me to buy their books.
PL 03 14

I am so thankful to have girls that play together so well, and are so able to entertain themselves! Today they set up a movie theatre in the hallway, while I napped on the couch all day…today was day four of the flu for me.
PL 03 15

I spent most of the morning at the doctor’s office getting two nebulizer treatments & new inhaler prescriptions. And a confirmation of the flu. The one year I didn’t get a flu shot….guess I learned my lesson!
PL 03 16

The Leprechauns left us some gold & necklaces on the table this morning.
(Brandon was disappointed it wasn’t real gold & that the Leprechauns didn’t do more. Considering I had the flu, the kids are lucky they got this!)
PL 03 17

We all love to eat apples around here…especially Granny Smith apples dipped in peanut butter :)
PL 03 18

Giddy-up Abbie!
PL 03 19

Just when we were about to get rid of Brandon’s Geotrax, Abbie decided she wanted to play with the trains. I guess we’ll hang on to them for a little bit longer since she spent most of the day playing with them.
PL 03 20

Brandon made chipboard (left) and pressboard (right) at school while learning all about wood. It is so amazing what he learns in kindergarten!
PL 03 21

My mom made this adorable Abby Cadaby doll quilt for Abbie, and then another one for Olivia.
PL 03 22

Baseball practice in soccer shorts, with soccer socks pulled all the way up…think he was cold?! :)
PL 03 23

The girls love picking out donuts on Thursdays at Whole Foods to have for breakfast on Fridays.
PL 03 24

We had the grand opening at Cook Speech and Language today. Holly & Brien hired a photographer & she got this great shot of the girls.
PL 03 25

Today we got to clean out the pantry after discovering TONS of rat droppings! Ewww!
PL 03 26

Today was AJ’s 5th birthday party…When it was time to open presents, Abbie joined right in. And AJ let her help! What a great kid!
PL 03 27

Blowing bubbles in the front yard…another lazy mommy & Abbie Monday morning :)
PL 03 28

That damn rat is too sly for the traditional traps! David picked up this fancy one at Ace and the rat was dead that night! So long ratty!
PL 03 29

Abbie came home from my mom’s today & announced that she had gone pee pee in the potty (which turns out wasn’t exactly true). But she did use the potty at home (with Olivia cheering her on). And I’m pleased to say that a few days later she was officially potty trained! After over six years of diapers we are all potty trained! Hallelujah!
PL 03 30

Playing at McDonald’s while grabbing a quick lunch.
PL 03 31

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