Sunday, October 30, 2011

december daily, day 25



Yes, I know, it’s almost November 2011. And my December Daily technically ended December 25th. OF LAST YEAR.

But I finally finished it!


Once Christmas was over, I was DONE with this album (which is why it’s important to stay on top of things!). Smile So I kept putting it off. (Needless to say, it hasn’t been printed yet either.)

Now that I’m done, I need to decide where/how I’m going to print it. My original plan was to print each page as an 8”x8”, and then slip each page into an 8”x8” album I got last November. And then I realized that it was going to cost me about $80 to print 50 pages like that. Ouch.

So then I thought I could just print up a photo book at Costco or Shutterfly or somewhere. Except that was going to cost me about $80 (granted, then I wouldn’t need an album. But I already own an album). Then, I found a deal on Snapfish a few weeks ago: 50% off! Score! But I had to upload & order by the 19th…the same day I had two major IEP meetings at work…meaning there was no way I could do it (since I still hadn’t finished day 25).

Well now I’m done…hopefully I’ll find a great deal on printing before December rolls around!

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