Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Project LIFE 8/15 - 8/21


Brandon & Olivia love taking random photos with my camera. I love that they are learning to use a camera, and since it's digital, I really don't care what they take pictures of. I think it's so cool that Brandon got this shot of our entertainment center, with Phineas & Ferb coming on the TV. The kids love watching this show, so it's on all the time!

Abbie loves to eat apples (well, any fruit!). It's one of her favorite after-nap snacks.

Date night for me & Brandon. We went to Starbucks for hot chocolate to chat before his first day of kindergarten. I had been really sad the night before, realizing I was going to be at work all day, his last day "home" with us before heading to school, so I took him out on a date to make up for it.

Brandon's first day of kindergarten. Heading off to Oakhills Elementary in Granite Bay, CA.

(side note: how funny that I'm in two pics in a row, when I'm hardly in any!)

I used to give directions to our house in San Jose like this: exit 87 at Santa Teresa, make the first right by the mall. Make the next right by AAA. Make the next right onto Chynoweth. Keep going under the overpass, make the first left by Gunderson onto New World. Go to the end & make a right on Narvaez. Make another right onto Massachusetts & we're the house on the left with the big orange boat in the driveway.

(Gosh it takes me back to say that!)

(And by the way, yes, it did suck to have to learn how to spell Massachusetts in first grade when we had to learn our addresses! But it was fun to let other people flounder when they needed to write my address down .)

The girls with their matching Twinkle Toes bling shoes from Skechers, chillin' in the cart at Costco.

Girls' night out: Shopping at the Galleria followed by dinner at Tres Agaves.

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