Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Project LIFE 8/22 - 9/4

 Star Wars pancakes for breakfast. Took forever to make, and of course they were gone in a flash. I must be a good mom!

 This is how Brandon & Olivia helped me pick out new glasses :)

Olivia was so excited to finally get a booster seat! And it's pink too :)

When the boy's away, the girls will play!
(And how much do I love the new blue walls! David painted our room this color last fall, so this year I decided that the whole interior should be this color, since he only painted "some" of it taupe!)
Margarita Friday! Okay, that isn't the best caption for *this* picture, lol! But while the adults were enjoying their beverages, the kids were eating pizza :)
 We went to the Rivercats game with our neighbors and had a blast out on the grass.
 Unfortunately, David did not agree that the entire house should be repainted blue. Boo! I don't understand, lol! So taupe it is. At least the playroom is blue (and not that hideous mauve anymore!)
I got to volunteer in Brandon's class today. It was so cute watching him learn.
 I am probably the last speech therapist on earth to get Mr. Potato Head! I've just always worked where there was one to use. And now that I travel from home to home, it's time to have my own. Of course Abbie had to test it out first!

I got these fun square bowls at Walmart after reading about them on the Pioneer Woman's blog. They are so fun, and the smaller ones can go in the oven! Score!

I love watching Abbie play on the mornings I'm home with her. I get so few anymore, now that I'm working three days a week.

Yeah, it's out of focus. And the color was awful (that's why it's now black & white!). But I think it's one of my favorite photos. I may even frame it.

I love how it captures my children having fun. You can see the laughter, the movement, the joy. I want to bottle it all up & keep it forever. But I can't.

But I can frame it. Thank you, David, for capturing this moment while I was at work.

Pool party at my Aunt Brenda's house in Oakdale. Brandon & Olivia played in the pool until it was time to get out. Abbie still isn't sure of the of the water...crazy baby!

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