Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Project LIFE 9/5 - 9/18


Sunday morning donuts with Daddy.

Olivia & Kathy giving Chopper a bath in the front yard.

Abbie, Olivia, & their friend Mara, playing at the park while Brandon was at soccer practice. It's so nice to have other "siblings" at practice for the girls to play with!

Olivia's first day of school!
She's now in pre-kindergarten at Stoneridge, and for the first time she DID NOT CRY (!) when we dropped her off! Woo-hoo!

Our stash on the sidelines: backpack with snacks & diapers, gatorade for Brandon, iced tea for me, and my purse.

Abbie wearing Olivia's & my shoes. While her feet are still smaller than ours :)

Picking out watches at Nordstrom.(And for those who care, I set the camera on the table for this one.)

(Another "on the table shot.")
Brandon put his Prince of Persia Legos (from his Brickmaster Club) together all by himself!

I just went back to work three days a week. I provide in-home speech therapy services for children aged birth to three. I *love* my job! I hate that I spend half of my day in the car.


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  1. I love that lego shot! And I love the outlines you have on all your project life pictures. You got those from Ali, right? Do you remember where or what they are called? Might be looking into those . . . I might do project life again starting in January. Thanks!