Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Project LIFE 8/7 - 8/14

8/7: One of Brandon's Lego Clone Troopers, found in the entryway.

8/8: New backpack & lunch box for kindergarten. We bought him the Darth Vader set at Pottery Barn Kids as a surprise & he LOVED it!

8/9: Whole Foods Market.

Honestly, when it opened I was like, oh, cool, we had one Los Gatos. Now I do most of my shopping there. I like that in this crazy, uncontrollable world, I can at least (partially) control what goes into our bodies.

8/10: First day of soccer practice for the Crocodiles, with Keaton & Coach Leif.

8/11: Getting frozen yogurt for a special treat after dinner at Nuyo. The kids get to pick out which flavor yogurt and one topping, and then we put a cherry on top :) Fun new family tradition.

8/12: Another day of testing in Natomas until my contract is up. I have given these tests so many times I can recite them by heart. Which is kinda funny, because I end up zoning out while reading them sometimes!

8/13: Friday night picnic at the park. We got Chipotle & met mom, dad, & Kathy for dinner at the "rocket ship park" (Highland Park).

8/14: The kids & I found these fun little canvases to paint at Beverly's for $1!

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