Thursday, October 21, 2010

Project LIFE, 10/3 - 10/16 (plus make-ups, again!)

Time to play catch-up! I've been slacking again...not at taking pics, but at going thru them & deciding what I want to use for each week. I have good plans: take pics all week, edit thru them on Sunday, get them uploaded & labeled on Monday (to go up on Tues). I think that's happened once! Oh well, I try...

(Yes, the date on there says June 12)
We go to Target all the time, and I needed a picture for this day. And I finally got a good one outside of Target!

Spooky letters I made so we could have some Halloween decorations...and I finally got our family pics from LAST fall framed & up on the wall :)

After picking Olivia up from preschool, she, Abbie, & I headed to the park behind her class with a few of her friends. It was a good time for the moms to catch up and I know the girls had a great time too.

(Yes, I shared this one already. But in a goofy "oops, I forgot to add the rest post" so I thought I'd put in where it belongs...with other PL photos!)

Reading time after snack at school. (Side note: I'm having so much fun setting the camera down on the ground to get pictures! A totally different perspective for a change.)

Pedicure day for the girls. Olivia insisted on alternating pink & blue on her nails. We had to do her fingers too, but they have 3 blues & 2 pinks (her request).

Brandon loves going over to G's house after school to play with his new best friend (and his brother).

Margarita Friday wouldn't be complete without some fun for the kids too: tonight we roasted marshamalows in our fire pit. So much fun!

Annual family trip out to Bishop's Pumpkin Farm.

Olivia helping make pumpkin waffles for breakfast.

Abbie has been really getting into building with the Duplo Legos. Usually she wants to build a choo-choo, but today she was happy to build a tower.

We took the kids to Target after dinner & treated them to a new toy. We've been slacking on giving them their allowance (whoops!), so this was to make up for it...and the last toy they can get before Christmas!

We've been BOO'd! Finally!

Olivia & Samantha (& sometimes Abbie too) love to put on shows for us. Lately, billboards have been showing up around the house :)

Tonight for Margarita Friday: caramel apples. So naturally, we made the kids peel the caramels ;-)

Abbie loves being read too!

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