Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Project Life, 9/16 - 10/2 (plus a couple make-ups)

Brandon's first soccer game :)

Abbie & her purple doggy...MOPS park day at Olympus Park.

Olivia & Samantha putting on one of many shows, set to Miley Cyrus music (or California Gurls...I see so many of these shows I no longer pay attention...bad mommy!). Here they're doing somersaults.

two little fairies

Brandon drinking his Vitamin Water during a soccer game.

Olivia & Misty at Auntie Nicole's house.

Yay! The playroom is organized, thanks to Ikea & David :)

(And sadly, we still have books, playdoh, arts & crafts, and much more all over the house. Sigh. At least most of it has a new home.) 
I'm not quite sure what the kids were doing. They all had their feet touching & microphones down their shirts at one point. Okay...

Two clients cancelled this morning, so I got to drop Olivia off at school & then go to Whole Foods with Abbie. And no, your eyes are fooling you; her shoes are on the wrong feet.

Mmmm...Eggplant Bolognese for dinner tonight :)
Margarita Friday! Our new neighborhood tradition: Costco pizza & margaritas while the kids entertain each other & we catch-up. I'm so happy we have been blessed with such great neighbors!

On our way in to the Greek Festival in Elk Grove, we realized that all five of these could be ours (which we were asked countless times thoughout the evening). And, as scary as that sounds, really all five kids are so much easier than just our three.

David picked up some new mums today to get our yard all pretty for fall.

We love going to Chipotle, and the kids love that they can sit at the bar there.

Shaving cream fun in the shower!

Fashion show time! Olivia & Samantha helped Abbie get all dressed up in her princess dress with wings, purse, crown, band-aid bracelet, and high heels. Priceless.

No school today, so David, Lori, & I took the kids to the $3 movies at Sunrise Mall. (Abbie was napping at my mom's...thank you!)

Got my tea, my phone, my sandwich, and my chart notes that desperately need updating. It must be lunchtime on Friday.

My mom & Abbie playing Barbies.

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