Monday, December 6, 2010

december daily, day 6

(Disclaimer: This page is incomplete. I really want to get some pictures of the gingerbread houses now that they’ve been put together, but I’m not going to get decent pictures at midnight, so I’m taking those tomorrow…hopefully! I work on Tuesdays so we’ll see what happens! Once I get the last two photos added I’ll add my words strips, etc., and then I’ll repost this layout.)


Journaling: How to decorate a gingerbread house, Chain style:  Sort all the candy in the muffin tins. Eat a few candies. Slather frosting all over the house pieces. Lick the frosting off your fingers. Put some candy on the house. And some more in your mouth. Use up the candy before you finish decorating. Have mommy see if there’s any Halloween candy left that will work in a pinch. Add that to the house. Lick some more frosting. Finish up & have mommy put it together when it’s dry.

FYI: Maybe you all know this, but I didn’t until the other day when I was purchasing the gingerbread kits at Michaels. Although the Michael’s 40% off coupon won’t work on sale items, a Joann’s coupon will work! Next year I’m buying the kits one week at a time with Joann’s coupons!

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