Wednesday, December 1, 2010

getting ready for christmas


Last night I got most of our Christmas decorations out…finally! We did our tree on Monday, my husband did our lights last Friday, and I think I got the rest done on Tuesday. At least it was before December, right? Our mantle is still a bit bare; we have five stockings hanging from it but nothing on it. I think I need to hit Michael’s tomorrow & see what I can find after striking out at Target tonight (at least decoration-wise).

I did get a few new Christmas books though. I’m starting a new tradition this year. One I’ve heard about before & wanted to do but didn’t. And I’ve been reading about it a ton on blogs this last week, so it’s my turn now…

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Gift wrapped books, so that we can open one each night until Christmas! Each one is a Christmas/winter book. Some we had, some I picked up last night at Target, and some will be coming with our next Scholastic book order :) Right now I only have about 13 books (and I’d like 24…one for each night until Christmas). But I can’t remember how many are coming in our book order. I want to say I ordered about 10 books. Not all are holiday, but I figure I’ll just wrap them up & throw them in our new basket anyway.

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