Friday, December 31, 2010

Project LIFE, 11/28–12/4

PL 11 28Putting up the Christmas lights.

PL 11 29

Playing with Daddy’s nutcracker while decorating the Christmas tree.

PL 11 30

This year I wrapped up all of our Christmas/winter books so that we could open one a day until Christmas.

PL 12 01

It’s Christmas at Starbucks :)

PL 12 02

I treated the girls to Bounce U after dropping Brandon off at school.

PL 12 03

Our Christmas stockings: Olivia, Brandon, Abbie, mine, David. One of these days I’ll get our names on them!

PL 12 04

This year we ordered 100 Christmas cards from Costco, and mailed out over 85! The cost of a first class stamp? 44 cents.

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