Wednesday, December 29, 2010



This past year I’ve tackled three “extra” projects (along with my regular scrapbooking): Project Life, A Week in the Life, and December Daily.

What I’ve learned is that each is totally do-able, along with everything else, as long as I *PREP AHEAD OF TIME*. I don’t think that can be said enough! But a few thoughts as 2010 winds down:

  • I’ve been great at keeping up with picture taking. The key to that, I feel, is to keep your camera out. As much as it may bug your husband, if it is put away (where he thinks it belongs), you can’t grab it at the spur of the moment. And if at all possible, keep a second camera in your purse…which as I type this, I realized it totally possible for most of us since our phones have cameras on them (maybe not the best camera, but a camera). At least for me, that means not having to think about one more thing on the way out the door.
  • I’ve been okay with journaling. Thankfully, I’ve been (mostly) keeping up with my Project Life journaling thanks to Jessica Turner’s Project Life Tuesday. My journaling may not be on cards in the album, but I can easily (ha!) copy it from my blog onto those when I have time.
  • I’ve been crappy with finishing. There, I said it. I just admitted that I have a stack of journaling cards from Project Life sitting here on my desk waiting for something to be written on them. Week in the Life was in, what, April? Yeah, that album is still waiting to be finished. And well, I still have a few things on December Daily to finish up, and then I have to actually print it!

And that’s why I say, my fine blog readers, the key is to prep!

I decided to do Week in the Life on a whim, like one week before I did it. I thought I had everything ready, but really I was assembling it daily. Kind of a pain, and exactly why I still have patterned paper to trim & add to my album before I can share the final project.

I did actually plan ahead (a little) for December Daily. But because I did digital instead of traditional, I could only prep so much. Next year I will do it more traditionally to save time! I can easily print a photo or two a day & get each page done. Sitting & editing 10+ photos & adding embellishments to fit the theme on a daily basis takes time…too much time. And that is what I don’t have in December.

And Project Life? I actually planned this out as best I could. My album was assembled back when I got it last New Year’s Eve. And, other than my journaling cards I’m up to date…well, not counting December!

So if you got this far, thank you for visiting me in 2010. Here’s to 2011, and planning ahead!

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