Sunday, April 10, 2011

yicky icky vasculitis

So it’s been just over two weeks since I first started noticing broken capillaries on my shins…

The spots on my face? Gone! Hallelujah! They never got past the “broken capillary” stage.

The blisters on my arms? Just a few scabs & discolored spots remain. Yippee!

The nasty splotches & blisters on my stomach? Slowly disappearing, but not getting any worse (aka, turning into blisters).

As for the splotches & blisters on my legs & feet…

They’re still there. (Pardon my desperate need for a pedicure!)

And looking at this picture taken a week ago, I’d say a bit worse. The spots here turned into blisters. And the nasty one on my pinky toe popped yesterday. A few on my legs are “odd” looking, and they hurt after my shower on Friday night. Nothing looks open, but it’s hard to tell. So as a precaution I’m going to keep them dry & take sponge baths for the next few days.

Can I just say that

1) I’ve learned my lesson & will NEVER skip a flu shot again!

2) I’m so ready for these splotches & blisters to go away already!

3) I’m so thankful that the weather has been cooperative with the fact that I can only wear flip-flops but don’t dare wear anything besides pants.

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