Monday, April 18, 2011

project life 4/10–4/16

My mom & I took Olivia to Kohl’s to pick out (& try on) clothes for her birthday. This is a (very) small sampling of what she tried on…I think she grabbed one of everything to model for us!

Abbie & I went to PetSmart to look at the animals today. She was especially enamored by the fish & even picked out a Dora fishtank to get “for her birthday”.

Today begins our countdown to Easter! I found this cute project on the eighteen25 blog. They have some amazing projects & printables!

Silly Bands!
All three kids collect these crazy bracelets (that Brandon insists are “animal bracelets, NOT silly bands!”) and I’m constantly finding them all over the place. Usually they only wear a few at a time, but Brandon decided to wear as many as he could fit to school today. So many that when I picked him up his hand was swollen & he was complaining that it hurt…ummm, did ya try taking any of those rubber bracelets off dude? I think you’re cutting off the circulation!

Jack & Brandon playing wall ball out in front…the whole house rattles when they slam that ball into the garage door!

Olivia’s preschool class had their annual Easter egg hunt (& party) today. And even Abbie got to search for some eggs :)

Grandma Nancy & (great) Grandma Mary came up from Indio to visit for the weekend. All three kids love spending time with their grandmas, but Olivia in particular adores Grandma Mary. They spent a good part of Saturday looking at scrapbooks & doing art together.

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