Thursday, January 12, 2012

project life 2012 | week 1



I wasn’t sure if I was up to doing this again, until December 25th rolled around. I was almost done with my December Daily (which yes, I still need to finish!) and realized something I’d forgotten:

I actually like taking at least one picture a day.

I like the challenges from Capture Your 365. I like documenting the everyday. I *LOVE* photography.

So what was my problem?

I promised myself I was going to spend the rest of my holiday break finishing up Project Life 2011 before ordering a new kit. And I as I was finishing it up (almost done, just two more months of journal cards!) I placed my order for the Clementine edition. Unfortunately, I waited too long so the page protectors are sold out…until February! Ugh! Oh well, I have some 4x6 protectors I can use in the interim.

So here is my week 1:


(and yes, I know I’m missing a photo! I realized as I was putting it together that I forgot to print one of my photos…whoops! Next week…)

I have decided to follow the path that Ali Edwards took last year & look at it as a “weekly” snapshot rather than 7 daily photos. And I’m going to stash more ephemera so it really is more like a traditional “scrapbook” like I kept in high school (and for some stupid stupid STUPID reason I got rid of!).

The other little change I’ve decided to make is that my week is going to be Mon-Sun. That way anything we do over the weekend is (hopefully) kept together as one activity. Of course this year Jan 1 was a Sunday, so my first week here has two Sundays…big whoop. As you can see, my Sunday photo is just the year 2012 from the front page of our paper.

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