Tuesday, January 17, 2012

project life | week 2



I’m loving this “week at a glance” format more & more everyday! Less stress at 11pm when I realize I didn’t take a picture that day. Or the day before.


I am realizing (now that I’ve shared week 1 & week 2) that I need to add the dates of the week on my title block. Will do tonight. (Or tomorrow.)


Everyone around here has been eating Cuties (mandarin oranges if they don’t have those near you) like crazy. So I cut up the crate they come in & included it. I also added one of Olivia’s school papers since I didn’t have anything else for that day. Loving that idea.

And this year I’m not using the 365 photo overlays that I’ve used in the past. I did add the dates to a few pics with the help of October Afternoon label stickers. I have quite a few sheets of partially used ones in my stash, & recently picked up a few more. I know they will get used this year.

I also finally used a Teresa Collins quote stamp I got like two years ago! It fits on the journaling cards perfectly, especially when you goof & stamp it incorrectly on the A side (the B sides of the cards are a grid). Not that I would know about that personally…


  1. We have been eating Little Cuties around here too! Yum!

  2. LOVE your layout!!
    I'm taking the week at a glance approach too, and after having completed project 365 last year, I'm loving the freedom, of not having to take a photo a day (as it turns out, I have taken at least one photo a day so far, but they don't always make it into my album).

  3. Gorgeous! And I just love the quote stamp, it blends in perfectly!

  4. awwww i love the drawing, great idea ;)

  5. I have been eating a lot of cuties as well...they are zero points on weight watchers and I love how easy they are to peel :) I also really like that quotes stamp...pages look great