Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hybrid Scrapping

At one time, I printed only 4x6 photos & did my best to cut them down to fit. The problem? I took too many pictures & would have multiple layouts of a single thing just to fit all the pictures in.

Then, at some point after I switched from film to digital, I realized I could crop my photos in Photoshop Elements prior to printing. Now I could get any size photo I wanted & fit 13 photos (or more!) in a single layout.

Recently, I've started doing a bit more digital. I wouldn't call myself a digital scrapper by any means. But I do incorporate a lot of digital techniques. I am a hybrid scrapper.

Like on this new layout:

I've used lots of paper goodies from my July kit. But my photo section is a collage all done in photoshop & printed up that way. I even have "photo" under my title block. I just put the paper & stickers on top.

How simple was that? Seriously, no cropping. I just plunked the whole photo collage onto the paper, and basically was done.

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