Friday, June 11, 2010

flashback friday...summer (2006)

I've been a little MIA lately, thanks to my hairdresser. She loaned me the first two Twilight books when I mentioned that I hadn't read them yet. I've also been really bad about not getting any of my photos edited (I take them in RAW mode, so I have to do a little bit in Photoshop Elements because I can upload them to anything).

But at least I've got some older layouts to share :)

This layout makes me laugh, because I know the "back story".  Brandon was about 16 months old, & Olivia was 2 months. It was a super HOT day, so my mom & I took the kids over to Sunrise Mall. She needed to get some new clothes at Macys. Once we got there, Olivia needed to eat, so I ducked into an empty changing room to nurse. My mom brought Brandon into a changing room with her so she could try on clothes. As soon as she got her top off, he started SCREAMING! Nothing we could do would calm him down. Did I mention we were in Macys? Yeah, fun.

I don't remember why, but my mom drove him home in her car. I think it was maybe because her air conditioner was better than mine? It was pre-minivan & I know that was the main reason we got it. Anyhow...she got to listen to him scream the entire way from Sunrise Mall to her house in Rocklin. Where he continued to scream & thrash & be loads of fun. Until we stripped him down & sent him outside where we hosed him down :)

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