Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Project LIFE 5/30-6/10

A self portrait by Olivia, wearing my mom's flip-flops.

We had so much fun at Bayside's Memorial Day picnic at Jessup college! The kids played with the Thompson kids while we got to relax & hang out with a bunch of our friends from MOPS.

Recognize these? Just like on Cougar Town ;-)

I had been admiring the cool word spelled out on Courtney Cox's kitchen on that show, and then picked up some paper mache letters at Joann's to cover with some fun scrapbook paper. And then my mom was reading some magazine at the doctor's office that said the ones on the show were from Anthropologie. And my sister was only more than happy to get them for me for my birthday. Thank you Kathy!

(Yes, we know the "T" is crooked. It just hasn't been fixed yet. Looks like the spacing is off too. Hmmm...or it could be the angle of the photo.)

Cloth diapers...so easy, I don't know why I didn't use them from the beginning. I don't even want to think about how many disposables I've gone thru. We made the switch a few weeks ago due to a never-ending/only getting worse diaper rash of Abbie's (who unfortunately is nowhere near being potty trained). She loves the colors, I love that her bum is no longer bright red :)

We found this tonight after the kids had put their toys away. :)

Yes, the box actually did make it into the microwave. Yay, my 22 month old can use the microwave, every parent's dream. Thank God she doesn't know how to turn it on...yet. It's so nice that the make toys that work just like the real thing.

Brooke, Brandon, & Jordan running in the sprinklers while were visiting them in San Martin.

Holly Cook's baby shower. She & her husband Brien are welcoming their first baby this July (a little girl). We used to work together in Natomas, and now she has her own practice so I work for her.

Brandon was resting his head on my shoulder & all of a sudden he was out. At 4:30pm. He woke up the next morning after 8.

I voted in today's California Primary election. I still vote in person because I think it's important for the kids to come with me & see what I'm doing. I remember going with my parents when I was little (to the house on New Compton with the white dogs). They were even allowed to slide my scantron form into the machine. And I was allowed to snap a picture :)

Brandon was so proud of himself for doing his "homework" (the handwriting practice I make him do). We have been working so hard on trying to get his grip correct & his letter size small enough that he can fit his name on a sheet of paper.

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  1. Those are cute clothe ones! Are they miserable to use i.e. the poo messes? I'd love to cloth with the new one on the way but am a little intimidated! Glad her little bum is happier now though, that always makes you feel bad as a mommy doesn't it?