Saturday, June 12, 2010

Project LIFE 5/23-5/29

Sunday: Roseville Pony Baseball day at the Rivercats game.

Monday: Making some mac n' cheese for lunch at Mama & Papa's house.

Tuesday: Olivia's last day of school.

Wednesday: Brandon's preschool "graduation". I can't believe my little boy is on his way to kindergarten in just a couple of months. Time goes by TOO quickly.

Thursday: A major hailstorm dumped (obviously) on my parents' house, just four miles away from us!

Friday: I found this awesome notepad at Anthropologie. I love planning my meals out like this, so it's perfect!
(I couldn't find these on the website, but I got mine at the store in Roseville. They also had some fun wine tasting ones.)

Saturday: We all went over to the fountains for some Big Spoon Yogurt after dinner. Of course the kids had to try to splash in the fountains too! And then Abbie danced for us while the water danced too :)

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