Thursday, June 10, 2010

Project LIFE, 5/16-5/22

Okay, it's been a while to say the least, so let's get caught up!

The kids were asked to strip their beds before we took Brandon to school. I heard WAY too much laughter...and this is what I found :)

Abbie had so much fun matching the Go Diego Go memory cards today! She did this all on her own, with just a little bit of help from my mom.

There's nothing better than lots of hugs for your 21st birthday (according to Olivia, and who am I to challenge her?).

Rose, Olivia, Ella, & Emma all got to try on their dance recital costumes today.

Brandon moved David's Guitar Hero drumset so he could play the drums along with the Fresh Beat Band on Nickelodeon. Abbie was even "singing" along.

Our last game of the season at Hillsborough Park.

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