Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Project LIFE 11/21-11/28


First of all, on this final day of November & Nablopomo, I tried. I blogged all but two days. Oh well. I could’ve posted something late last night, but what was the point? Besides, I had a report for work to finish and I wanted to get my project life photos finished up for today.

PL 11 21

Drawing in their “journals” (aka, $1 notebooks I picked up at Joann’s).


PL 11 22

Olivia & the “mask” she cut out. No school & a sick mom means bored kids…so they’ve been doing “art” all week. At least they can kind of entertain themselves!

PL 11 23

“Look mommy, I picked one of your roses for you!”

PL 11 24

I was too sick to go to work (I do in-home speech therapy for toddlers), so my sister convinced me to drag the kids to the park in 40-degree weather for our Christmas card photo shoot. I couldn’t breathe, and my kids were shivering. But I got our photo, and my sister’s, and my parents’. And some cute outtakes like this one of the kids with my sister’s dog.

PL 11 25

We spent Thanksgiving at my aunt’s house in Oakdale. My aunt got my grandma’s piano when she passed away. I have so many memories of “playing” the piano for everyone at the holidays (and any other time we got together), that I had to take this picture of Abbie.

PL 11 26

Wine tasting in Amador with Kathy & mom. Our faves? Villa Toscano (duh!) and Driven. We picked up two cases there!

PL 11 27

Girls Night In. We made appetizers, watched “Enchanted”, painted the girls’ finger & toe nails, and made brownies. Plans & photo by Olivia.

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