Saturday, March 20, 2010

February Kit, part 2

More fun layouts from my Green Tangerines February kit:

Brandon & Olivia are 14 months apart. Actually 13 months & 3 weeks, but who's counting, right? They've shared a room since the day she came home from the hospital, and because Brandon was so young when she was born, he hasn't ever know her not to be around. I've been wanting to create a layout about this for quite some time, and I finally was inspired to get one done.

I used this layout design about a year ago, when I did a photo a day for January. I really like how I could fit in a ton of photos of the kids together & still fit in bits of patterened paper. And I love how the zig-zag  pattern on the paper makes it look so different in each spot I used it.

I had fun adding some bling to the seam between the two papers.

And my favorite part: cute little handmade flowers! I punched out two circles for each flower, using one sheet of double sided paper. The smaller circle is 3/4" & the larger one is 1-1/4". After I punched them I crinkled them up & put a brad in it. It was so easy! I will totally be using this idea again!

But not on this next layout, LOL, it's of my son :) Being a pirate with my mom's swiffer duster. Oh yeah, he's cool. I know the photo is dark, but I was so thrilled to get it because it is so him right now. Lately, he'll grab his pirate hat & that "sword" & then go around telling my mom & I what to do. We have to say, "yes pirate" or go on time out.

I had so much fun doing this layout. I really had some creative mojo going on!

We all got some plain metal clips in the kit. One of mine was already tricked out by my friend Brenda, who is on the design team at Green Tangerines. She punched a circle out of the patterened paper, glued it to the inner (solid) circle on the clip, and then added some glossy accents to give it that faux epoxy look.

I can be a bit OCD when it comes to my scrapbook layouts, so I had to used three embellishments on this page. I used her clip, plus I made two more. Super easy, and just the right touch. I only wish I had more! On the clip below I also added a "b" letter sticker for Brandon. And I added some of the glossy accents to the letter stickers in the title to puff them up a bit. I need to do that more often.

Lastly, on this layout I added some fun word stickers that were in the kit too. I really like how they're not all the same font & size. It makes it look like I cut them out of a magazine, like a project I used to have to do in elementary school.

Monday...some cards...

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