Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Project LIFE, 12/19-1/1


On Thurs, Dec 30, this is the stack of journaling cards I still had to finish:

12 30 10_0006

I’m pleased to say that as of 1/1/11 (had to write it at least once, right?), I’m done with 2010!!! (Well, done with PL 2010…my traditional album & Dec Daily are another story!)

I’ve decided that my 2010 PL album is going thru Jan 1, and I’ll start my 2011 album on Jan 2. I’m a Sun-Sat girl (for this album), and I know I’ll get confused along the way if I change it up!

PL 12 19

Happy 38th birthday David! We celebrated with family at home this year; I made chicken enchiladas for dinner & bought a German Chocolate cake for dessert.

PL 12 20

Dinner at the Websters’.

PL 12 21

Elfie, our elf on the shelf. Today we found her sitting on Brandon’s new RC Hummer.

PL 12 22

Gifts wrapped up under the Christmas tree.

PL 12 23

Opening our pickle presents…yes, I know what the tradition is. However, I also know what happens when only one child opens a gift ;-) So…the big two opened our new Wii remotes & Abbie opened an extra book (somehow I couldn’t add to 24, so I wrapped up like 30-something books!).

PL 12 24

This year we went to the Jingle Jam at church. It was so much fun! The kids had a blast & we can’t wait to start going to KidStuf on a regular basis now.

PL 12 25

The Christmas morning mess. I love it!

PL 12 26

Even girls can play Star Wars.

PL 12 27

Found on the counter: “Dear Santa I want another Nerf gun.”

PL 12 28

Woo-hoo! My 2011 Project Life arrived today! I think I’m just about the only one doing the Amber edition, but I *LOVE* it! I spent most of the evening putting it all together :)

PL 12 29

The girls were riding “the short bus” (their words, not mine!)

PL 12 30

Rock band time…Alvin & the Chipmunks on the iPod.

PL 12 31

Cheers to 2011! “East Coast” style party at our house with the Hutchisons & Riggsbys. (We rang in the new year with the east coast, at 9pm Pacific, so the kids could enjoy it too. So thankful for satellite!)

PL 01 01

Time to put the Christmas decorations away! Hello 2011!

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  1. I'm doing mine Sunday - Saturday too. Last year I started with the first and had to stop and think when putting my album together...way to confusing!

    The German Chocolate cake sounds so good right now!