Tuesday, January 18, 2011

project life, 1/8–1/15

Scrappy Hour at Green Tangerines!
The last time we all got together was back in February, and we hadn’t been back since they reopened in September. I had a great evening catching up with my friends & got quite a bit of scrapping done too!

On Sunday Olivia convinced me to take her to Justice so she could look for some cotton candy glitter perfume that her friend had.

We made a quick trip to our local library to pick up then next few books in the Magic Tree House series. While there we grabbed an American Girl book for Olivia & Miss Spider for Abbie.

Mmmm…mandarin oranges.

Just another frosty January morning. Temperature as I drove Brandon to school? 28 degrees.

I love that the girls were using teamwork to push my shopping cart at Whole Foods.

Brandon had a playdate with one of his buddies from school (and his brother too).

The kids spent a good part of this gorgeous afternoon riding their bikes up & down the street! I love our neighborhood.


  1. beautiful photo's. love that the kids are out playing on bikes.etc.. we are all white and fluffy here in Toronto.