Thursday, July 14, 2011

abbie two, err, three?


Happy 3rd Birthday Abbie!

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Around here, Abbie has affectionately become known as “Abbie too!” Since she was a baby, whenever we would ask who wanted to do something, Brandon & Olivia have always answered “me! and Abbie too!”. So the name stuck.

For the last year, we’ve joked that her name is “Abbie two”. And if asked, that’s probably the name she’ll tell you. (Not Abbie or Abigail, but “Abbietwo.” One word. Very cute!)

Now that she’s three, the big question is, is she still Abbie two, or is she now Abbie three?

And whatever you call her, she’s still the cutest little three year old in town…So Happy Birthday my dear sweet Abigail, our little Abbiechab, Abbie too, & curly Q.

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