Wednesday, July 27, 2011

week in the life | tuesday


Today I took 204 photos. 137 were taken by the kids at my parents’ while I was at work (some of which are videos).

6:00 wake up, shower, get dressed, have coffee & bagel BY MYSELF.  Good start to the day.

07 25 11_0138

7:00 Brandon gets up. Girls follow. Get them fed, clothes picked out (to change at Grandma’s), car loaded with their gear and mine (for work). Out the door by 8:05.

8:15 Drop kids off, out of their driveway by 8:25.

8:35 Ugh! Google maps gave me walking directions! Now I’m running behind..quickly hop onto 80 at Eureka & head to my first client.

07 26 11_0015_BW

8:49 1st client of the day. MK. Fun hour of games & school-aged language skills.  Spend most of my day behind the wheel, driving from West Roseville, to Antelope, to Sacramento, to Lincoln.

07 26 11_0045_BW

Meanwhile at Grandma & Papa’s…

07 26 11_0014

lots of having fun…

07 26 11_0018

being silly…

07 26 11_0032_boost

shopping at Target & the Farmers’ Market at Whole Foods…

07 26 11_0036

Lego Hero building…

07 26 11_0049

computer designing…

07 26 11_0050

and even more silliness…

07 26 11_0038_boost_soft

3:34 Just finished my 5th & final client of the day in Lincoln.

07 26 11_0039

…but first a stop at Starbucks. Order a venti iced quad nonfat white mocha

07 26 11_0040

…then send a few texts to David to figure out dinner plans (not while driving, I was still sitting in the Starbucks parking lot!)

07 26 11_0046

3:54 Make a quick run into Green Tangerine’s to pick up some cardstock.

07 26 11_0048

4:22 Finally at my parents’ to pick the kids up. Hang out for a bit & see what they’ve done for the day. Head home.

5:09 Finally home, eight hours later. Long day for only five clients (so only 5 hours pay). Sigh. Time to get dinner made & let the kids jump some energy out on the trampoline.

07 26 11_0053

6:20 Sit down for dinner: fresh corn & polish sausages. Nothing fancy tonight.

07 26 11_0055

6:40 Dinner’s done. Kids clean up, get in the car & head to Nuyo for a frozen yogurt treat.

07 26 11_0059

7:15 Finish up, head home. Kids get ready for bed. Goodnight kisses & hugs. Start some laundry. Relax, watch some TV (White Collar & Weeds).

10:30 Catch up on email, put away some laundry. Contemplate bed.

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