Wednesday, October 7, 2009

November Creating Keepsakes

I've subscribed to Creating Keepsakes for what seems like forever...probably almost 10 years. And I've been scrapbooking longer than that. Needless to say, I eagerly anticipate my new magazine each month & generally I *devour* it. All the new techniques, layouts to scraplift. You know.

This month, I was so disappointed! I found out a few days ago that Becky Higgins is resigning. I didn't expect that the magazine would start going downhill as soon as she announced her resignation, and heck, this thing went to print before her "official" announcement.

It was like a throwback to one of the orignal magazines, circa 99-00 or something. Basic how-to stuff. Cheezy layouts. Really, CK? I've expected SO MUCH more from you. And to top it off, my favorite sketch article was WAY in the back, not up front as it has been. The computer article wasn't written by Jessica Sprague. And it seemed like all the articles were written by just a few people.

Not good CK. Not good.

I *love* reading magazines & feeling them in my hands. But seriously, if my subscription hadn't been paid for already (thanks mom!), I would not be renewing. Based solely on this issue. That's bad.

Hope it doesn't stay this way....

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