Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ready for Halloween...

A week early?

Well, our church has Trunk or Treat the Sunday *before* Halloween. Which makes sense, until you're scrambling around trying to finish a costume!

Olivia decided that she wanted to be a witch this year. Whether she's a good witch or naughty witch changes daily, sometimes more often. Heck, sometimes we decide for her ;-)  She & I found a cute purple witch costume at Target. Yay!

And what does every cute little witch need? A black cat of course! So I announced to everyone that Abbie would be Olivia's black cat. Sounds like a great idea, until you realize that they're aren't too many black cat costumes out there that don't look like skunks or panda bears. The last I checked a black cat was supposed to be all black. Or they're just a cat.

No big deal, right? I scoured Etsy for custom costumes to get ideas. I watched auction after auction on Ebay hoping to win a cheap costume. And then I realized it was mid-September and if I wasn't going to buy something I was going to have to make it, and I should get started.

I found some cheap black tulle at Joann's & wrote the directions down from a tutu pattern. I found a black onesie at Target for $3. And picked up some felt to make a black cat face. This was over a month ago. Then on Monday I remembered that this all had to be done by Sunday at 5:30! Whoa!

Fortunately my mom is very close by & very crafty. And she has a sewing machine that works (well, most of the time!). I went over on Tuesday afternoon & we made the cutest black tutu! I tried it on Abbie when we got home & she was so happy. Tonight I made the cat face for the onesie (since she won't wear cat ears & I want people to know she's a black cat & not just a girl in black clothes). That was a LOT more work than I had planned on. I'll have pictures of both tomorrow.

So we'll have a witch, a black cat, and Batman. Brandon was my super easy Halloween costume this year; he wanted to be Batman again & his costume still fit! Yay!

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