Sunday, October 25, 2009

Trunk or Treat, pt 1

Our church hosts Trunk or Treat every year on the Sunday before Halloween. The past few years it's been in our church parking lot. I thought it was crazy, but hey, any mob when you're the one with toddlers is crazy!

This year they moved it back to the Roseville Speedway. It has been there before, but before we were at Bayside & had kids. Personally, I think it was less chaotic at church. At least in the parking lot people seemed to move in one direction only. Tonight everyone came in both directions, so you had to squeeze in to get anything. Fine if you're an older kid. Not so much when your 3 or 4.

But hey, the kids had a great time! And there was lots of fun music from the KidStuf band. By the time we got to go see them, our kids were pooped! Well, except Abbie...she'd loaded up on her first suckers so she was full of energy! I forgot how sticky babies got on Halloween.

Pt 2 to follow when I get my layout done :)

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