Saturday, October 17, 2009

October 17, 1989

Where were you at 5:04pm?

I was in the kitchen, making blondies. My mom & sister were at Mervyns, and my dad was in North Carolina, watching the world series while on an extended business trip.

I had just put a bowl of butter in the oven to melt (for the blondies), and had gone to the cupboard to get some brown sugar.

It was in my hand when it happened....

I remember as soon as the earthquake started, thinking, Oh my God! And that I couldn't get under the table because I was on crutches. I remember grabbing my dog & heading to the doorway of the nook, & tossing the brown sugar into the hallway. And watching the overhead fan swing REALLY HARD back & forth, like it was going to fall from the ceiling. I heard stuff falling & breaking & watched the TV "walk" foward in the entertainment center & somehow not fall out though it had gone off on it's own.

And then it was over.

Twenty years later & the memory is still fresh. Magnitude 7.1. Loma Prieta. I will always remember where I was at 5:04 pm on October 17, 1989.

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