Friday, May 21, 2010

Flashback Friday...forever friends

This Friday we go WAY back...

I did this layout sometime in 2003-ish. At that time I was taking apart all three (or four?) photo albums I had from my years in Alpha Phi. They were all in the old magnetic albums, and since they were "pre-digital" I had included EVERY photo.

This layout celebrates my friend Lori. We were pledge sisters in Spring '97 at Alpha Phi, Beta Psi (SJSU). And we share a birthday (though she's older!). So naturally we were best friends. We're not as tight as we were then, but I still have VERY fond memories of that time in my life.

Some of  you reading this blog might recognize some other things in those photos: Disney Days during Fall Rush, Alex's "Guns & Lace" sign (that I neatly decorated with beer labels...yeah, I was cool like that), and our lovely black dresses that we used to wear knee-high stockings with. Yes, just like old ladies because it was too dang hot to wear pantyhose (and you had to wear hosiery). Oooh, we were such rebels.

Good times...

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