Wednesday, May 5, 2010

a week in our collages

Yesterday I shared my "title" page for each day of our week, Monday thru Saturday. (I didn't include Sunday because I was sharing my Project Life week.) So here is Sunday, the last day of our week:

I chose to start our week on a Monday for two reasons: 1) I liked the idea of keeping the weekend "together" as we could've (and did) have an event that occured over the weekend,  and 2) Although my calendar says the week starts with Sunday, I tend to structure my life with a new week starting Monday morning. So it made sense for me. Some people started with Sunday. I'm sure other people are starting on a different day.

I shared my digital title pages. They are part of a kit I purchased at Designer Digitals. I like the overal design of the pages in the kit for the album, and I can reuse the collage pages for any other layout. Plus, since each page is a layered template, I can (and did) selectively print each layer so that I can scrap the layout in a traditional (paper) manner as well. (Once I get my photos printed I will share that process.)

Here are the collage pages that I just mentioned. I did one of these for each day. Again, the yellow strip will be replaced with paper after I print these. They are all 8 1/2 x 11.








I added some digital brushes (stamps) to the pages as well. Everything I used came from Designer Digitals. For the most part, I tried to make these collages a mix of us and things in our lives. I didn't really have any certain reason for picking these photos other than they "worked" here; either they were the right size/orientation, or I just liked the photo. I have plenty of other photos for each day that I've cropped to 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 to fit in a baseball card page protector.

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  1. Christine -- your photos are beautiful! Great job with your Week in the Life project. I am curious about how you handled the journaling.