Monday, May 3, 2010

Project LIFE, 4/25-5/1

Last week I took well over 1000 photos; on Saturday alone I took 240 (blame it on my son not being able to hit the dang baseball & burst mode on my camera). Why? I was in the midst of my Week in the Life project (more on that later this week...I hope!). I've been trying to get those photos organized all week, so needless to say, I haven't exactly "picked" my POTD for Project Life yet.

Next week I'll have two weeks of "official" Project Life. This title pages for Week in the Life.

(I will be adding patterned paper to the yellow strips across the top of each page. Those are "masks" for digital paper--and place holders for those of us doing a hybrid album. I'll share those once I get everything printed & put together.)

Monday, 4/26: Waiting for dinner

Tuesday, 4/27: Abbie "chatting" on the phone.

Wednesday, 4/28: When you give a child a camera...aka, Olivia's self portrait.

Thursday 4/29: Brandon & his best friend playing Lego.

Friday, 4/30: Abbie's dress up shoes.

Saturday, 5/1: Brandon's T-ball game.