Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Project LIFE, 4/25 - 5/8

Since I posted my Week in the Life pages last week, I thought I'd share my POTDs for two weeks today. Make sense? I hope!

My Ikea Expedit shelves in the office. I plan on covering a few of the openings with 12x12 frames from Michaels. I'll frame some scrapbook pages & hook them up with the magnets used to keep cupboards closed. I got that idea from a message board at Two Peas in a Bucket. That way I can see some of my layouts more often & cover up the clutter! Woo-hoo!

Morning commute to preschool.

Watching TV at my parents' house.

The kids helped me take a TON of photos this week for our "Week in the Life" album. I snapped this one of Olivia in action.

And Olivia got this picture of me too.

Abbie insisted on carrying the Macy's bag with my mom's shoes in it. I think the bag weighed more than she does!

Like her shirt? Some of you may recognize it as last year's Breakaway shirt. It is Abbie's new favorite shirt (good thing we have three!). She seems to like it because it has a "T" on it, just like Daddy's "A's" shirt (that also has a "T" on it, according to her). Hey, at least she's recognizing it's a letter; I mean, she's only 21 months old.

New month, new look. I got these cool photo frame brushes from Ali Edwards at Designer Digitals. I thought I'd change things up for May.

After Brandon's baseball game Olivia announced that she wants to play baseball next year. She said she didn't even care what color shirt they wore, she just wants to play. She also informed us that she'll hit better, catch better, throw better, & run faster than her brother. I think that pretty much sums up her personality. She's definitely our little Annie Oakley...and she even has the right hair color!

Sunday morning doughnuts.

Our dog Toby.

Out for a walk around the neighborhood after dinner. Brandon & Olivia holding hands. Life is good.

Yum! Cinco de Mayo dinner :)

Chicken Tacos with Mango Avocado Salsa in Organic Blue Corn Taco Shells from Whole Foods. Served with Tanya's Cilantro Lime Rice from the 2009 Bayside MOPS cookbook. Delish.


Make-up brush washing day.

So besides that it's Saturday & Brandon has a baseball game, I love how this is so "him" right now. So "mom, really, do you have to take a picture? the sun is in my eyes & I'm five now so I'm too cool for this." So Brandon.


  1. Those are great make up brushes! Thanks for sharing your pictures. The one of them holding hands is so cute!

  2. Great pictures. Love those shelves!!!