Wednesday, August 11, 2010

breakaway to the arctic freeze

The hardest thing about scrapping my Breakaway photos is the sheer number of photos I take. I think I took almost 1000 pictures that week! Granted, many were really, really bad. But it's still a lot to go thru before even THINKING of scrapping them. My tip: go thru them nightly & delete the really bad ones. Then go thru them again the next day & delete the ones that have a nicer, similar "duplicate". And then go thru them again when it's time to scrap, preferably at least a month later. No emotional connection to the photos at this point & it's really easy to purge! I think I got down to about 30 photos a day, or maybe 150 for the whole week.

And then go thru & pick out your favorite 50. And think about what layout would work with that many pictures. Then purge a few more & voila:

I can't take full credit for this layout. First of all, it's a sketch by Becky Higgins. Second of all, it's VERY similar to Brenda's Breakaway layout from last year. Granted, there are only so many ways of organzing that many photos onto one layout (I believe there are 24). And I'd prefer not to use the same layout for every Breakaway layout (it's our church's VBS so we go annually).

But I did "borrow" her journaling :)

The letter stickers here were all from my stash...woo-hoo! The brown are from my August GT kit (I love those little letters for sub-titles) and the blue are from my Dec kit & a month in review kit.

The layout was a bit "blah" & needed something to spruce it up, so I added some of the flowers from the American Crafts Heat wave line. The striped paper is from that line too.

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