Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Project LIFE, 7/18-7/31

Can you tell it's summertime & I'm not in my "usual" routine? During the school year I'm pretty good about sitting down every Sunday evening after Desperate Housewives & getting my photos from the previous week up & ready. During the summer...well, not so much! It's not that we've been super busy, but we're out of our routine.

Anyhow...back to your previously scheduled programming, my Project LIFE photos from the last two weeks:

My Aunt Joan & her husband Wil came up from Bakersfield for a quick visit & dinner at On the Border.

My breakfast for the past few months: one carton of organic Wallaby yogurt with 1/4 cup Ezekial cereal (like Grape Nuts).

All three kids playing nicely...even though Abbie's diaper wasn't! Of course I didn't notice that until I went to edit the photo, but that's life, right?

Olivia getting her make-up done by Lisa at Bobbi Brown (Nordstrom). Every time we go to the mall, Olivia asks if she can have her make-up done, and the girls at Bobbi Brown say they'd love to. She's definitely into the make-up "thing", and tells me she wants to be a make-up girl at Nordstrom when she is big :)
Dancing along with the Laurie Berkner Band. We got this DVD about three years ago & they used to dance along with it all the time. Then it was put away for a while & now lately the kids dance to it all morning! And where do they dance? On the coffee table (c'mon, you have to have a stage to dance, right?). Shhh! Don't tell Daddy!

Brandon has started playing on David's Nintendo DS, and gotten pretty good at it.

Date night at Guy Fieri's restaurant Johnny Garlic's. We had an awesome dinner (thanks Lori & Brett!), and then went to see Eclipse while the kids got to spend some quality time with Mama & Papa.

Olivia had been listening to music on my phone & then started playing a game. The next thing I knew, she was sound asleep with the bean bag chair pulled on top of her like a blanket. And of course, the game was still going!

Brandon's hair had been getting long & scraggly (and "itchy", according to him), so it was time for a haircut.

Brandon's best friend Jack's 7th birthday.

The girls decided to put up Olivia's horse pictures by her bed, all by themselves.

Trader Joe's Bambino Quattro Formagio pizza. The kids love having these for lunch, though Olivia prefers if I add a few pieces of pepperoni for her.

Brandon's breakfast smoothie: a handful of frozen blueberries, half a banana, two big spoons of strawberry yogurt, and some milk.

Checking out the orangutans at the Sacramento Zoo.

Olivia, Brooke, & Abbie. Granite Bay beach at Folsom Lake.

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